Another Man’s Nostalgia - A 90s and 00s Podcast

S07E15: Nickelodeon Game Show Trilogy - GUTS (1992)

July 7, 2021

The week on we are going to dive deep the second of out Nickelodeon Game Show Trilogy by watching GUTS. Is it good? Will John enjoy it? Is this the best grand prize? Push play to find out!


Current Score:

Justin: 107.5

Chris: 96.5

John: 90


Contents of this video

0:00 intro

1:45 Nostalgia News

4:23 What we watched this week

5:00 Premise

14:00 Host

20:45 The Kids

27:50 The Games

32:30 The Last Game

40:10 The Prizes

45:55 Would you be on the show

52:50 Next Episode: Double Dare

55:48 Do you remember?

57:50 Closing


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